Sunday, April 12, 2015

Sunday Stash #31 - Kona Solids

Elizabeth Hartman's blog was my gateway into the world of modern quilting.  I have no recollection of how I stumbled upon it, and I've only made one of her patterns (I think), but I always enjoy seeing what she puts out into the blogosphere.

A while back (maybe over the summer?  Or maybe longer than that) she curated a collection of Kona solids that I admired for their bright, cheery nature but didn't have any reason to buy.  Pause there.

Back in January, Kristel mentioned on her blog that she had bought some solid Kona roll-ups after being inspired by an all-solids Jelly Roll Race quilt that she'd spotted on M-R's blog.  Kristel confessed to not really liking Jelly Roll Race quilts, but being totally inspired by M-R's all-solids version.  As I generally felt much the same way, I had to click over and check it out.  And I loved it too!  Not enough to immediately purchase anything, but enough to tuck the thought away in the back of my mind.

Un-pause.  Putting those two thoughts together, when I spotted the roll-up of Elizabeth's collection in the Craftsy sale section, I figured it was a sign.  Who am I to argue with the universe about these things?

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  1. There is definitely something to be said for not buying fabric as soon as you see it, good things (and good prices) come to those who wait! So do you have a plan for it?

  2. Yummy colors! Nice addition for sure.