Wednesday, April 30, 2014

April ALYOF - goal complete!

It appears that I haven't touched my little ol' blog in about a month!  I don't have much sewing to show for the month of April, but we did get our floors installed!  Man, what an under taking that was.  We're pretty happy with the outcome, but I'm honestly not sure if I'd be up for doing it again.

Here's a shot of the foyer after - before was covered in icky linoleum.
I knew that April was going to get eaten up by the floor project, so I didn't set a very lofty goal for April.  (An as an added bonus, this finish is also on my Quarter 2 Finish Along list.)  One of my co-workers just purchased her first home, so I made her some of my favorite cloth napkins.  I had wanted to do them in that cool lime green that's so popular now, but I didn't find exactly what I was looking for.  So instead I went with a green and blue combo that (I think) is fun and summery.  Hopefully she'll like them too - and put them to use!

Linking up with the other April finishers and with the Quarter 2 finishers