Saturday, June 7, 2014

Hands2Help - an almost finish

I have (obviously) been neglecting my blog lately, but honestly I've also been neglecting my sewing room, too!  I got out of the groove after spending so much time finishing up the floor project, and then my allergies were crappy, and then I worked on a little bathroom project (more to come on Tuesday) and more excuses, excuses.  But I had promised Sarah, over at Confessions of a Fabric Addict, that I would donate 3 quilts through her Hands2Help quilt drive and so I had to get back in the sewing room.  The linky ends at 6 pm CST and this one's not quite done, but I'm posting anyway.

I decided to go with another "low volume" quilt for the third donation.  Maybe more of a girly quilt compared to Ribbit, which is maybe a little more boyish.  I cut 5" squares from fabrics like those I'd used for my Pooh quilt and pieced it in a simple patchwork.

I've got a floral pink (with some blue for added length) for the backing and some muted blues to do the binding with.  I think it'll turn out pretty sweet.  As an added bonus, all of these fabrics were given to me, which makes this little quilt even sweeter if you ask me :)

Linking up with Sarah and all the other Hands2Help finishers!


  1. I love to make charm quilts for donations - they always turn out so pretty! Thank you so much for all your hard work, Kacey!

  2. It is always nice to have charms on hand when you need a quick quilt,. This quilt will be loved.