Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Bathroom upgrades!

I spent (ok, hubs helped too) a large part of Memorial Day weekend sprucing up our upstairs hall bathroom.  There is nothing really wrong with anything in it from a function perspective, but the oak vanity was dated looking, to say nothing of the light fixtures and gold towel bar, etc.

First we (ok, hubs) swapped out the light fixtures for these that I purchased from Wayfair (I think - I looked at a LOT of light fixtures)...

Before - silver "naked" fixtures
After - oil rubbed bronze fixtures!
Pleased with this first step, I soldiered on.  A while back (when it was too cold to open a window and do this project) I had purchased the Rustoleum Cabinet Transformations kit with the intention of refinishing the bathroom vanity.  The kit comes with a de-glosser, paint/stain, decorative glaze, gauze for applying the decorative glaze, paint stir sticks and scrubbers for the de-glosser.  All I needed was a paintbrush and blue tape.  You buy the kit at the home improvement store and they tint it for you.  I chose to have them tint the paint/stain in the "chocolate" color.

Before - builder grade oak.  I got a little ahead of myself and removed the doors and drawers before I remembered to do a "before" photo!  So picture the doors and drawers with gold pulls on them, ok?
  Several steps later, I had this:
After!  Sorry for the less than stellar photography - it's hard to photograph a small bathroom!
 And here's the whole picture:
Ta da!

I'd definitely recommend the Rustoleum kit.  It was a pretty straight forward process, but not fast due to drying time and doing several coats of the different steps.  Totally worth it though!

I have since spray painted the towel bars and toilet paper holder with Rustoleum Metallic Spray Paint in Oil Rubbed Bronze, so bye-bye gold!  It sounds a bit crazy, but I think I need to get hubs to remove the toilet flushing mechanism so I can spray that lever too.  I'd spray the shower curtain rod also (woo hoo for spray paint!), but I don't think it'd hold up well with the curtain sliding back and forth.  Then new faucets (round 2, the first set I returned because they didn't seem well assembled) should be arriving next week!

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