Sunday, September 7, 2014

Sunday Stash #22 - more doggies :)

Apparently I have a weakness for doggie fabric.  Katy (I'm a Ginger Monkey) spotlighted this fabric in her weekly roundup last Sunday, and I restrained myself for a whole day before buying some.  I made my purchase from Starlit Quilts' Etsy shop:

The top is the Dog Park print from Here Boy! (also available in a lime green, red or black background) and the bottom is the multicolor bones print from the same line.  Cute, huh?  I went with half a yard of each.

AND I got a little surprise from the shop!

A Candy pack of LOL (cute and girly) and a pen with a stylo tip!  Love me some (unexpected and therefore even better) freebies!  The service was also pretty quick and the shipping seemed reasonable ($5 for my envelope).  The item prices were also competitive ($2.25 for a quarter yard, $30 for jelly rolls and layer cakes).

No plans for any of this stuff as of yet.

Linking up with the other Sunday Stashers!  Also wishing the fabulous Ms. Molli a happy 2nd blogiversary!


  1. oh, I have amassed quite a doggy collection but not this cute one. Do you have a dog collection too?? LeeAnna at not afraid of color