Saturday, January 31, 2015

Twin baby quilts for twin baby boys!

These baby quilts were 3/4 of the way successful - only one was done in time for the baby shower, but both are now done and the babies aren't here yet!

I originally just named them "Foxy" and "Foxier" but have decided to have a little bit more fun with their names and am now calling them "What Does the Fox Say?" and "Whooo Do You Love?" after the cute little fox and owl in the main print :)  Both are disappearing 9-patch quilts made with the same fabrics for the tops (you can read more about that here) but have different backings and bindings.  I didn't want them to be exactly the same, as these babies are fraternal twins, not identical!  Both are quilted with double lines along the main block seam allowances.

One of the quilts is backed with a DS Quilts print from JoAnn's - a brown print with cream and orange flowers - and bound with Moda Marbles in teal (I think).

Its brother is backed in two pieces from my stash (both no-names from JoAnn's) - a green leaf print and a bigger orange and brown floral.  That one is bound in orange and white/cream oval dots from the DS Quilts for JoAnn's line (there are several different colors available - all pretty fun!).

Here's hoping Seth and Sydney get many years of use out of them!

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Sunday, January 18, 2015

Sunday Stash #24 - nursery fabrics!

I've fallen into a cliche - got pregnant and started to ignore my blog!  I spent most of September and October with no energy for blogging, but then the holidays came around and I'd just gotten out of the habit, plus all the holiday goings on just contributed to putting it on the back burner.

BUT.  The baby of someone who sews, and therefore has become very picky about fabrics, has to have a hand-made nursery, right??  I searched and searched but couldn't really find any ready-made items that went with my nursery vision.  We're not going to find out if Bean is a boy or a girl, so I needed someone gender neutral.  But I didn't want tans, light greens and yellows - I wanted brightly colored and fun.  So here's what I've come up with!

Robert Kaufman Jungle Creatures Bubbles Red and Quilter's Linen in Aqua
I'm going to make curtains and a crib skirt from these.  The wall color is Bubble, from Sherwin Williams.
Urban Zoologie Elephants in primary, Remix Polka Dots in primary and Super Kids in primary
 These are going to be crib sheets.  Funny story about Super Kids - I thought the blond "girl" was just a blond little girl dressed up as some sort of superhero I didn't know.  Turns out it's Thor!

Urban Flotologie Bright Kites, buttons from JoAnn's and Urban Flotologie Animals in Trees in Rainbow
And these cozy flannels are going to be changing pad covers.

I also have a wooden rocking chair that I'm going to paint white and that I'd like to make new cushions for.  I bought some Metro Living Box Stripe in Marigold, but I think it's a little too orange-y instead of more yellow-y.  So back to the drawing board on that one.

The fabrics came from, StitchStashDiva's Etsy shop, JoAnn's and The Cozy Quilter (one of my local shops).

Bean is due in mid-May, so hopefully I can get at least this much done!

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Saturday, January 17, 2015

A return to blogging - and a finish!

A LONG while ago (ha - a year ago, apparently!) I had stitched up the top of my Florence Starburst, but decided to set it aside because I didn't have a plan for it yet.  Well, the wedding of one of my grad school classmates seemed like the perfect reason to get it all finished.  I sent it to a new-to-me long arm quilter, Justin Ennis, who did a fabulous job with a not-too-girly design.  He even put an L and B in the corner, for Larisa and Brian :)

The top of this quilt is done in Florence from Denyse Schmidt with Kona Bone, and the backing and binding are from the Denyse Schmidt lines from JoAnn's.

It didn't make it to the newlyweds for their wedding, but I got it together for them and mailed it just after Christmas.  Considering they got married in July, I reasoned in my head that a quilt was better received in the winter anyway.  Plus, I still got it done before the 12 month gift giving deadline!

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