Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Sometime over the summer I was browsing around Etsy and came across a vendor selling those mini charm packs for (what I thought was) a pretty reasonable price.  I thought they were cute, but didn't have a clue what one would do with them.  I think I even googled "what to do with a mini charm pack" looking for inspiration.  I didn't find anything quite what I was looking for, but of course I ordered a two-pack of the Boo Crew anyway.

Eventually I decided to make myself a simple patchwork pillow with the squares set on point in a random-ish pattern.  I needed one more square to complete my layout, so I added a black and white gingham from my stash.

I quilted on each side of the seam lines - except I didn't notice until it was all assembled and done that I missed one row of stitching!  Oh well.  My pillow form isn't quite big enough either, but it still came out pretty cute I think.

The back were a couple polka dot prints I had on hand.  And the little stuffed pumpkin came from my mom :)

Happy Haunting!

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