Saturday, March 7, 2015

Sunday Stash #27 - Birthday buys!

My birthday was this past week and I celebrated by treating myself to some fabric!  (I also ended up with a terrible cold, so the fabric really was a highlight to an otherwise icky day.)  I hit up a Craftsy sale and also sprung for a Southern Fabric daily special, but I'm going to spread the buys out over a couple posts so that it doesn't seem quite so glutinous :-P

I got two charm packs of Ready, Set, Go by Ann Kelle/Robert Kaufman.  Two reasons for this purchase: 1) if Bean is a boy, I'll make his quilt from these because the colors coordinate with the other brights in the nursery; 2) if Bean's not a boy, it's never bad to have boy-friendly prints on hand.  I especially like the bright color palate, as well as the mixer prints and the bicycles.  I actually almost bought some yardage of the bicycles to make a crib sheet!

Craftsy also had some Aurifil thread sets on sale, so I got the white-black set.  I've started sewing with the spool I got from my purchase a while back, and while I'm not completely a convert, it is nice how the thread is so thin and takes up less space in the seam allowance.  I think others have commented that it's also less linty, but I don't know that I've noticed that yet.

So that's week 1 of the birthday buys!  I think I'll milk these purchases for three more posts - a whole month of birthday fun!

Linking up with Molli Sparkles, and mourning the loss of one hour of sleep thanks to Daylight Savings Time...


  1. Happy birthday!!!
    What delightful prints!!!
    I'm an aurifil convert, wait til you see how long a spool lasts, and no breaks after tons of washings.

  2. Oh, that is a super fun fabric line and will be great for any little boy. And an Aurifil deal is always worth it for me; I like the black, white, and greys you picked up. :)

  3. Love those bicycle fabrics! You will love Aurifil, especially great for free motion quilting! Hope you feel better soon 😃

  4. Hope you feel better soon... fabric therapy is a sure bet. Take two FQs. Repeat as necessary. I went on a bit of a fabric bender for my birthday... though I extended the shenanigans to the whole month!

  5. Such a fun charm pack! I'm sorry you spent your birthday being sick!