Sunday, March 22, 2015

Sunday Stash #28 - birthday buys, part 2!

I forgot I was going to be out of town last week, so this week is a double share!  I'm still going through my birthday purchases, and have one more to show you next week.  And then maybe a couple of things the week after that, because Craftsy went and had another sale.  Darn them.

So yes, I bought several things from Craftsy a few weeks ago, including a quilt kit of Amy Butler fabric from her Love line.  The accompanying pattern is for a garden bricks type layout, which is nice and simple and I figured would be good for post-baby sewing when my brain might not be working so well :)  Plus, I thought the colors would be a nice change of pace from the usual "girly" color palates if needed in the future.  I've not purchased any Amy Butler before, but I'm glad that this pattern uses larger blocks, as the prints are also larger scale.

"Love" this selvedge!
Getting away from Craftsy for a moment, Southern Fabric has "daily deals" and I decided to hop on board with one of those.  This is a layer cake of the Mist colorway from Violet Craft's Brambleberry Ridge.  I bought it thinking that it would be more of a grey-grey, and therefore more boy-friendly, but it's definitely got a violet-type tinge, to me at least, which, with the gold shimmer, puts it more in the girly camp.  I also decided to splurge on a partial layer cake because Sarah had just posted a new method for making 16-patch checkerboard blocks that I thought looked kind of neat.  You pair your layer cake pieces, and each pairing makes a pair of checkerboards.  The bundle has 18 squares, so I'm hoping I can incorporate two more from my stash so that I can have a final layout of 4 blocks by five blocks.  We'll see.

These are the only ones with no shimmer.
All the gold is shimmery!
Shimmery trees and shimmery birds.
Next week I've got another quilt kit to show.  I've never purchased kits before - I'm hoping it works out well!

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  1. They may be more girly than boy-friendly, but your Brambleberry Ridge fabrics are lovely.

  2. Love is such a fabulous line from AB. I had a stash of it for a long time and only took a rotary blade to it in the past year, but I'm glad I did -- now I get to use and enjoy those fabrics instead of just visiting them in my stash. : )

  3. Lovely fabrics... it's nice to have a few larger scale prints in the stash! I just checked out the checkerboard method, very clever! Linda

  4. I LOVE that AB line! Definitely my favorite by her. Got my hands on a little bit. Never got any BBR but it's very pretty. I can see why you're a bit disappointed - it can be hard to tell online when fabric is metallic.