Friday, June 10, 2016

A return to blogging: Two for the price of one

A lot has happened in a year!  Mostly this guy formerly known as Bean:

Who now looks like this guy and is known as Ben:

He's pretty great, but having a little dude and being a full-time working mom doesn't leave a whole lot of time for quilting!  I have managed to get a few projects done, including this one that has been hanging in my "only a flimsy" closet for a really long time.

This started as a Lap of Luxe quilt in Honey Child with a few other FQ thrown in to make it work.  I bought the back and binding, but never put it together.  And then two friends announced that they were pregnant with baby girls, and I needed to get kind of quick baby quilts together, so I pulled it out and deconstructed it!

I added one block and created two baby quilts!  One is four blocks by three blocks, and the other is three by three.

I quilted them both on the diagonal in the direction of the "arrows."  On one I did double lines of quilting spaced further apart and the other is single lines of quilting closer together.

They are both backed in a gold tweed print from JoAnn's and the binding is a pink and gold polka dot.

Hopefully they will be two well loved little quilts, rather than one big one still hanging halfway finished in my closet!

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