Friday, June 26, 2015

Turner's t-shirt quilt

About a year ago I suggested to my sister-in-law that I could make the oldest nephew, Turner, a t-shirt quilt for his high school graduation.  My mom has made several t-shirt quilts, so I had an idea of what I was getting in to, and I already had a bolt of interfacing!  Jocelyn loved the idea, so she set about "stealing" t-shirts from Turner over the next few months. 

There are 30 squares in the quilt, but some of the squares are the back and front from the same shirt.  I cut (most of) the squares with a 12.5" square ruler, backed it with interfacing and sewed the whole thing with 1/2 inch seams for extra sturdiness.  The borders are Kona khaki, the backing is a flannel shirting, and the binding is the last of the red Marbles print.

The whole enchilada - it's a big one!

Backing (I didn't match my plaids - oh well)

Close-up of binding

Close-up of quilting
 I sent the quilt out for quilting - mostly due to the massive (for me) size, the whole interfacing situation, and the fact that I was pretty pregnant by the time it was ready.

I think it came out great, and Turner (and the rest of the family) really seemed to like it.  The funniest part was that when he opened it he said "hey, I was looking for that shirt!"  I guess it really was a surprise!

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  1. At least he got his T-shirt back. A cool quilt for a teen, it would also be a great idea for a sci-fi geek like my daughter. All those comiccon type t-shirts would do well in a quilt.

  2. I have a stack of t-shirts that my son loves but has outgrown or worn out, so I keep thinking I should make him a t-shirt quilt. Yours looks great!