Sunday, March 9, 2014

Sunday Stash #13 - fun w/ Camille Roskelley

A couple weeks ago I finally overcame my indecision and spent some Amazon Christmas money.  There are just so many tempting quilting books out there that it was hard for me to decide which one to buy!  My main criteria was a book that had a MAJORITY of patterns that I was interested in making, as I think it's pretty impossible to like ALL the patterns.  But hey, I may be wrong.  Anyway, I decided to go with Camille Roskelley's newest book, Simply Retro.

I haven't made anything yet, but the pictures inside are sure tempting!  I was partly influenced to buy the book because a few months ago (I know, my indecision/procrastination borders on epic) I bought Camille's Craftsy class, Pre-Cut Piecing Made Simple, and have been enjoying it.  Admittedly, I bought the class when it was half off, and figured I wasn't going to get a cheaper opportunity to buy three Camille patterns at once, including the ever-popular Swoon!

Remember how I said I'm an epic procrastinator?  I bought the fabric for my Swoon way back in December.  But look, I'm two blocks in!  And yes, there's a slight little hiccup I haven't fixed yet (see bottom right of the purple flowers), but otherwise it's going along well.  I was slightly worried about getting my HSTs the right size because these aren't made large and then trimmed, but so far so good :)  Hopefully the next seven will go along smoothly!

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Molli Sparkles


  1. Oh, I've heard that book is super fabulous! And your swoon blocks look great!

  2. I bought that book for me at Christmas too! Have you decided on a pattern to start with?

  3. I have been so tempted to buy that book! I started making a swoon quilt probably 6 months ago... I still only have two blocks finished! I cut out all the background pieces, cut the sashing, and starched and iron all the FQ's. They're all just sitting on a shelf waiting for me to get back to work. Which I will do... someday!

  4. I have that book and want to make one of every quilt in there. I took Camille Roskelley's class on Craftsy and love that too! Your Swoon blocks look perfect! I have 4 finished. They take some time. It is a good thing they are big!

  5. Your swoons look amazing! I can't wait to see how you pair the rest of the Bungalow collection.