Saturday, March 1, 2014

Crafty Traveler tote - finished!

I'm now two goals down and one to go for my Quarter 1 Finish-Along!  The second of my three goals was to complete the Crafty Traveler tote from Ellison Lane.

I didn't really have the exact fabric requirements (or interfacing requirements for that matter), so I fudged things a bit and I think it still came out well!

Ta da!
Above you can see evidence of my first change-up - I didn't have enough coordinating fabric in my stash to make the contrasting handles, so I just used the main fabric instead.  It think it works fine, although the contrast would have been nice and if I make the bag again I'll follow along with that instruction.  I also didn't do the few inches of contrasting fabric within the handle itself- a couple fewer cuts and seams and I don't think I'm missing out on anything.

I adore the way the side pockets are made!  The inside lining piece is a little taller than the outside pocket piece, so all you do is fold it down and top stitch - easy and great impact!  That said, the pockets are pretty tall (my fabric scissors are tall enough to fit well, but my rotary cutter completely disappears) and could probably be an inch shorter and just as functional.

And more evidence of my fabric fudging - I didn't have enough of the proper lining requirements, so one pocket has one lining and the other has a different lining.  No biggie, the more colors the better!

And (surprise, surprise) I fudged the lining too.  I ended up using the main exterior print as an "accent" on the sides of the lining - I think it adds a nice pop!  I tried really hard to measure and sew carefully, but I think the lining still came out a little big.  I probably should have increased the seam allowances a little bit more, but done is done.  Also note the two different pocket linings, although the green doesn't pop very well because it's the lining fabric.

All in all, I'm pretty happy with my tote!  Here's my final thoughts on things I like:
  • Inside and outside pocket construction
  • Long handles - the bag goes over the shoulder nicely
  • Big size!
  • The body of the bag is nice and sturdy thanks to the interfacing combos
  • Also FYI - I used Fusible Featherweight instead of Shape Flex and Craft Fuse instead of Decor Bond because I had those on hand and I think things turned out just fine.

And things I'd do differently:
  • The handles could be thicker/more sturdy - maybe use Craft Fuse/Decor Bond in addition to the Thermolam like the body of the bag?
  • Change up handle construction - I'd just fold the handle strap wrong sides together, tuck in the raw edge and top stitch on both sides.  None of this turn inside out business!
  • Putting the binding on the top of the bag was annoying to me (I don't like to hand stitch and my machine stitching didn't come out so well - notice no close-ups of that part!).  I wonder if you could construct the top band of the bag like the contrast band of the pockets - make the whole lining an inch taller and then fold down and top stitch!
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