Sunday, March 23, 2014

Sunday Stash #14 - Winter's Lane

I really liked Winter's Lane from the first time I saw it online.  And then I hemmed and hawed and almost waited too long to buy this line that I liked so much!  Fortunately, my sweet brother and sister-in-law got me an Etsy gift card for Christmas, which was just the push I needed to make the purchase.

This bundle has 11 half yard cuts in it, including most of the cuts that I liked best.
The reds are my favorite :)
Followed by the browns.
And ice blues.
I (think) I've decided to go with the Star Surround tutorial from Melissa at Happy Quilting for this bundle.  The only "problem" is that the pattern calls for NINE half yard cuts...which means I need to lose two of these.  Part of me wants to cut the blues, because there's only two and that'd be easy.  The other part of me says to cut the prints with birdies in trees (one in brown and one in cream) because there's a lot of negative space in those prints and the overall gestalt would get lost in the cutting.  Thoughts?

My other dilemma was what to use as a background color.  After much debate (and Pinterest searching/Googling) I decided to go with Kona Chocolate.
No idea why this is sideways.  But here's the picks minus the blues.

And then, a moment of serendipity!  At my first Louisville Modern Quilt Guild meeting I found a bolt of the cream poinsettias on clearance!  And a backing was born :)

I haven't yet decided what my next project will be after my Swoon, but this is sure tempting!  Plus if I start now, I'll surely be done by Christmas 2014!

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  1. Great fabrics, gift certificates are wonderful! Fingers crossed for a finish before Christmas!

  2. I say... cut the prints with birdies in trees. Only because like you said. This is a gorgeous line and the Star Surround will look lovely in the Winter's Lane. Nice choices! And what a sweet gift to get the Etsy card!!!

  3. I love Winter's Lane! I got a layer cake and have enjoyed working with it! Great purchase!

  4. This will be so lovely! I love the colours in this line (and I love those bird prints, but agree they'd be easiest to cut from the group - also those bits of blue will add a lot of movement to the project, having just a little of it spread all over, you don't want to lose that!) and the project you've decided to use it with.