Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Stash #13 - Quilters' Day Out goodies

Yesterday was a good day.  I started the day with yummy breakfast with my work buddies and ended it with dinner at the local German restaurant with family.  In between, I went to Quilters' Day Out!

Coinciding nicely with Worldwide Quilting Day, Quilters' Day Out is an event that brings together the Louisville area quilters, quilting guilds and quilting shops for an afternoon of, you guessed it, all things quilty!

Clearly I am a slacker blogger, because I didn't take my camera.  It's a real shame I forgot it, because there were some pretty awesome quilts on display as part of the Viewers' Choice Challenge.  My all-time favorite was one done with brightly colored yo-yos appliqued on a background of bright teal.  Classic yo-yos + bright colors = love!

The guilds in attendance were each doing a demonstration of some kind, which was neat.  One of the guilds also handed out this work/coloring sheet for tumbling blocks.

I also made a small purchase - an "essentials" pouch from one of the LQS (The Cozy Quilter).  It has a packet of 10 Clover clips (they're much smaller than I thought they'd be!), a Frixion pen, a seam ripper with a little thread grabber thingy on the cap, and a Creative Grids grippy ruler, all in a clear plastic pouch.  Not bad for $20.  I'm especially excited about the Clover clips, because one of the things on my "to do" list is the Sew Sweetness Aeroplane bag, and I hear the clips are especially helpful for bag making.

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  1. The wonder clips are great for binding too.

    Sounds like a fun day, anyway!