Saturday, August 30, 2014

Purge progress #2 - finishing the top

I somehow found myself Purging Along with Rachel over at Stitched in Color.  My first step was to make 168 four-patch blocks.  I then tossed them up on the design wall, moved a few around to try and balance light and dark...and hated it.  At first.

But never fear, it's grown on me!  It even has a name - the Quesy Quilt (kind of after the Scrap Vomit phase from a while back).  I also have some favorite that wrong, to like some more than others? :)

I'm in the process of sewing the blocks together and am realizing Quesy isn't going to be very big.  And since I don't know that I can give it away, I decided to use borders to make it bigger (because I'm kind of tired of four-patches), plus we're supposed to be purging, right?

I have enough of this weird pink snakeskin to make a 3" inner border, but that's not much bigger.  So I started pulling larger pieces to make a thicker outer border.  The olive-y one was given to me, the middle one is Joel Dewberry Tartan from Notting Hill and the right one is from JoAnn's.  What do you think?

It might be pushing it, but I think finishing this Quesy guy up is going to be my September goal for ALYOF!

Also linking up with the other Purgers!


  1. I like the Joanns print. I think a pieced back is in order to use more scraps☺

  2. I love your name choice! Definitely clever. Whether you continue with the four patches or a border, it's going to look great when you're done!

  3. Yep, great name. I like the plaid one with or without the pink border. I think it's strong enough to be like, "oh, I wanted to make a crazy quilt like this. No joke! Totally on purpose (wink)". I can only tease you like this because I'm also making a 4-patch purge that deserves the name Quesy. Oh, and I had to add a border to it too. Those 4-patches get old!

    1. Thanks Rachel! Your four-patches inspired me, but they did get old after a while. Sorry for the late reply, I just saw your comment!

  4. I really love that pink snakeskin fabric! And of the three choices you have in your picture, I think I'm partial to the olive green fabric on the left, given what I can see of the fabrics in your four-patch blocks. But I'm sure you'll make the right decision once it is all put together. And I gotta say....that's a lot of four-patch blocks! Looking forward to the finished project!