Sunday, August 3, 2014

Purge progress

Rachel (from over at Stitched in Color) has challenged folks to a Purge - {The Purge} actually.  I decided to participate because my box of 2.5" squares was taunting me.  That's really all the scrap management I've got going on at the moment: I either cut 2.5" strips or 2.5" squares.  Smaller pieces get tossed (I know, I know) and larger pieces stay in a bin all tossed together.  I don't really have much stash, so my purging involved putting my scraps to use.

I've been collecting ideas for 2.5" squares on Pinterest, but wasn't overly excited until I saw Rachel post a four-patch picture.  Bingo!

I started with my 2.5" square bin.
I matched pairs, and then matched pairs to pairs and sewed them together.
And ended up with four patches like this!
From what I've got so far I'll have 154 four-patches - enough to make a child-size quilt.  But I've got the 2.5" strip drawer, too.  And for those, I'm thinking of a Trip Around the World quilt.  The instructions for the Trip quilt call for 16" strips, and some of my strips are much longer, meaning I'll have more 2.5" squares from trimming those down to size.  So I may have to put my four-patches aside until I can get to trimming. 

Drawer o' strips

Never a shortage of projects-in-process in the sewing room!

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  1. nope, no lack of projects in the sewing room!
    LeeAnna at not afraid of color

  2. I love how fabrics you would never put together in a quilt get cut down to small sizes and all sewn together, the scrappiness just works and they look wonderful together.