Sunday, February 15, 2015

Sunday Stash #26 - more nursery fabrics!

The only nursery project that I still hadn't successfully found fabric for was for making new rocking chair pads.  After much looking, I found some Riley Blake home dec fabric in yellow chevrons at that I'm thinking is going to work.

I do wish the chevrons alternated yellow with white, but it's more of a yellow and light yellow/cream.  Of course, they do make a yellow and white version, but it's only in quilting-weight cotton, not the home dec stuff.  Even so, I think it works well with the curtains and hopefully it will look nice on the (yet to be finished) white rocker.  Plus, it was on sale :)

With white for comparison.
I just have to actually figure out how to make new chair will involve piping, zippers and ties, so wish me luck!

With curtains!

Of course while I was browsing I came upon this Michael Miller Mini Mike's Buntings in Retro and decided I couldn't leave it behind.  From the photos online it looked like it had a cream background, but one of the reviews said it was bright white.

Well it's clearly not bright white, which I would have preferred, but it's still cute and would work well with any future baby-related sewing projects.

With white for comparison.
I rounded out my purchases with some sewing machine needles and Aurifil thread - my first!

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