Sunday, February 22, 2015

Makes for babies :)

One friend from college has recently had a baby (sweet Finn!) and a co-worker is expecting her second (a little girl), so some baby sewing was in order.

A while back I had purchased a bundle of this cute Michael Miller fabric and decided this was a good opportunity to put it to work.

I made a couple squishy cubes with ribbon tags and a few "sensory" blankets.  They're all done with the same fabrics, but with green, blue and yellow ribbons for Finn and aqua, yellow and pink ribbons for not-yet-here baby girl.  There's quilting cotton on the front (love those giraffes!) and grey flannel on the back.

Baby girl "taggie"
Finn's taggie
(Poorly lit) shot of squishy cube
Hope the babies like their presents!

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  1. Great idea and great fabric! I recently made a bag which I love and which has had lots of compliments, using lime, white and black fabrics. Love this combo, can see more of it in my future. Terrific choice for the babes.

  2. Finn absolutely loves his and stares at the blocks during tummy time. And he apologizes for his crazy mom who is at least 2 months behind on thank you cards.