Saturday, June 7, 2014

ALYOF - June goal

So I completely missed the boat with May sewing, but I'm determined to be back in the ALYOF game for June.  My goal this month is to get my quilt of Valor (aka Valor) bound, washed and a "presentation case" made.  As an added bonus, finishing this baby is one of my Quarter 2 goals, and you know what they say about two birds and one stone, right?

It's really kind of embarrassing that Valor's not done yet.  Literally all I need to do is bind it.  I've even had some of the binding cut for a month or more.  As you can see, it's a Denyse Schmidt print that I found at JoAnn's in the remnant bin a while back.  Since it's a remnant I don't think there's quite enough to do the whole binding, so I'm improvising a bit.  The other fabric is a Michael Miller (I think) print that I used to back my nephew's quilt (my brother's in the Army, so it seemed a fitting choice). 

I've also got to make a "presentation case," which in this case translates into a pillow case.  There's a nice tutorial on the QoV website for making a "sausage" type pillow case, and hopefully these fabrics will do the job.  The red is from Cloud9 and says "Nature Walk Moss/Crimson" on the selvedge.  I got it online forever ago to maybe make a tote bag with.  The blue stars, very fittingly, came from my door prize for the QoV Sew Along day!

Should be completely do-able, right??

Linking up with the other June goal setters!

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