Sunday, June 29, 2014

More bathroom updates, and a chair

The hall bath is (basically) finished!  And just in time for my parents to visit!

This is what the old faucets looked like.  Nothing wrong with them (we're actually going to put them in our master bath instead of the builder grade ones that are in there now), but they didn't really coordinate with the color scheme.

One new one old...
Two new faucets!
I also got the other fixtures spray painted and we hung some "state" art - MD for me, FL for the hubs, and KY for our current home - a gift from my parents.

I think I'd like to frame this mirror out to complete the look, because right now it looks just...unfinished.  At first I was thinking wood stained to match the vanity, but now I wonder if that'd be too dark?  With the dark light fixtures and dark faucets?  Maybe white wood instead?  Or I've seen people glue tiles to the mirror - maybe a mosaic of light and dark tiles?  Thoughts?

My parents brought me a bunch of stuff from their house, so I had to shuffle some things around.  I cleaned a bunch of things out, including some upholstery samples I hadn't used in several years.  I unearthed this sample, and decided to have the hubs recover my sewing chair.

I'd like to remove the wild animal border in my sewing room (not put up by us, thanks) and paint the room white.  My sewing table base is an aqua color, and I figure if I hang some aqua curtains the chair pattern will tie in nicely.

The list of house stuff is never ending! :)

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