Sunday, June 22, 2014

Sunday Stash - a little bit of Tula Pink

I have gone on the record in previous comments, and maybe even a previous blog post, that I'm not a HUGE fan of Tula Pink's fabric collections.  Mostly because of the larger prints, especially the animal ones, that I can't picture cut into pieces for quilting.  That said, one cannot argue that Tula is quite an influential designer and I figure any one who considers themselves a participant in the modern quilting "movement" should at least have a little of her fabric in their stash.

Therefore, when Pink Castle Fabrics had a sale on their bundles, and one of those bundles was a "Best of Tula Pink" bundle, I figured it was a sign.

Fabric is so pretty :)
Dew Drop in Indigo and Meteor in Aquarium
Baby Geo in Shade, Submarines and Seaweed in Seaweed
Arrowheads in Lime, Taffy in Indigo
Diamonds in Teal, Lady Bugs in Storm, Foxtrot in Shade
Little Bits in Honey, Scribbles in Sunrise, Tree of Life in Cinnamon, Octo Garden in Coral
Pony Play in Dusk and Hummingbird in Dusk

No plans for these pretties yet, but at least my stash is a little more complete!

Linking up with Mary Emmens for this week's Sunday Stash!


  1. I am really liking the submarines fabric at the moment as a good neutral - it has so much visual appeal

  2. Great additions!

  3. totally love your Tula Pinks, really adorable fabrics

  4. That's a great selection of prints. A lot of them new to me. A couple of nice low volume ones in there, which is surprising! I know what you mean about the large designs. I love the Tree of Life and bought some to make a dress. Thanks for stopping by earlier. It's good to meet you :o)

  5. I agree with you about her larger scale prints but I really like her monochrome blenders with surprising details and the hand drawn quality to many of her designs.

  6. Oh yes I love how we can all justify our fabric purchases, I might just use the 'it's a sign' one next! thanks for linking up

  7. What a nice pack! Good thing I missed that one. LOL.