Wednesday, July 9, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Ed Emberley doggies

I purchased this Ed Emberely doggy fabric a while back, and the time has come to turn it into a quilt.  In order to make sure the cute pups are as easily seen as possible I decided to do a simple 5" charm square quilt.  I pulled some solid white and white on white prints, this green that I've had forever (maybe from Hobby Lobby?), and some red for binding.  Not sure about a back yet.

I mocked up a diamond pattern on Excel (cuz I'm fancy that way),

And then translated it into fabric:

The only problem is, I'm not sure that all green and blue is the way to go.  So I picked up some orange (it's a tone on tone print, not a solid as it looks here) and tried this layout:

And I'm still not sure so I'm putting it out there on the Internet to gather opinions.  What do you think?  Orange or no orange?  I appreciate your input!

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  1. I'm no help. I like them both. The green and purple are more calm; the one with orange more energetic, so it depends on which mood you want to create.
    I do like the idea of patterning the charm squares.

  2. Great idea and pattern to show off the doggie print. I like both color layouts, but I think I would go with the orange, it adds more excitement and interest. the quilt is going to be adorable.