Tuesday, July 1, 2014

ALYOF - July goal

I'm guessing a bunch of people are going to have this same goal, but a goal's a goal, unique or not, right?

My July ALYOF goal is to finish my Modern Quilt Guild Michael Miller Challenge quilt!

I've decided to call the quilt "Petals in the Snow" because:
1) the background is a combo of solid Kona Snow and MM Pindots in Snow
2) the name of the fabric line is Petal Pinwheels
3) I went with snowball blocks.

Here's some shots of the quilt in process (I hardly ever manage to get things together for a WiP Wednesday post):

Petals all cut!
Figuring out layout and the beginnings of snowballs.
One petal on a snowy background :)
Since participants got the feature fabric free of charge, I won the pindots, and I had the Kona Snow already, I decided to "splurge" and purchase some additional fabric for the backing and binding.  I decided on the multicolored Tile Pile (from the Petal Pinwheels line) for the backing and Cotton Couture in Seafoam for the binding.  Both came from Hawthorne Threads.

Now on to the quilting!  I'm thinking a bunch of straight lines - cuz that's about all I can do :)

Linking up with the other July goal setters!


  1. We have the same goal :) My fingers are crossed that we both finish on time!

  2. Hah, now we're at least three in the same boat :D

  3. How funny, I am using Kona Snow as well for my MM quilt. Can't wait to see yours finished!