Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sunday Stash #9 - a serendipitous find

A couple of weekends ago I went to JoAnn's to get the interfacing I needed for my Crafty Traveler Tote, and of course I had to take a tour around to see if there was anything worth seeing and then coming home with.  As I scanned down the "nice quilting fabric" section, I spotted this:

This print is from Denyse Schmidt's Richmond collection, but I'm not sure of the name.  I thought it'd make a nice backing for my Florence Starburst (it's nice how the colors in Denyse's collections coordinate), so I took it up to the cutting counter.  The cutting lady was really chatty, and I guess she wasn't really paying attention because she cut me 5 yards instead of the 4 I had requested.  Then when I went to check out I was only charged for 1 yard instead of 5 or even 4!  I even said something to the cashier about the price not seeming right, but she just smiled and said that it was.  So I paid sale price for 1 yard of fabric instead of (possibly) retail price for 5 yards!  AND I had a gift card!  Cheapest quilt backing ever!!

I also picked up some of this coordinating print (Bakersfield plaid) for the binding:

Doesn't it all look nice together?

So even though I hadn't planned on doing much with my Florence Starburst flimsy for a while, at least I'm prepared!

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  1. It matches so nicely! I have noticed that they don't really pay attention at JoAnn's, good deal :)

  2. What a great bargain! As for JoAnns, a few weeks back I was stocking up on batting during a sale, and picked up a bit of fabric too. My bill was higher than I expected, but then, I had bought a TON of batting. I got home and looked- and they charged me for 11 yards of fabric instead of 1. Yipes. I had to go back, and they refunded me easily, but still. I will now scour my receipts there before I leave the store!