Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vintage Wedding Ring Quilt and Aunt Edna

Katie, from Swim Bike, Quilt, is hosting a series on vintage quilts and was kind enough to feature my Aunt Edna's double wedding ring quilt today.  In my description to Katie I mentioned that Aunt Edna had many other crafty endeavors, and I thought I'd share those here.

But first, the lady herself:
A very young Aunt Edna with her husband, my Uncle Al.
Aunt Edna was also very big into other needle crafts, such as needlepoint and crochet.
I have several beautiful snowflakes and a holly doily for Christmas decorations.  I also have the books to make more, if I ever learn how to crochet!
Needlepoint rendition of the Lord's Prayer

 She was also into more 3D-type crafts and made two of these jewelry Christmas trees for the family.  They have various pieces of costume jewelry (bracelets, pins, earrings, etc.) and small "twinkle" lights that you can plug in.  Makes for quite the sparkly wall decoration.

In addition to having her quilt out and using it regularly, I also inherited some tiny snips that I keep by my sewing machine.  Next to my rotary cutter, mat and ruler, these are probably my most frequently used sewing accessory.
Tiny snips!
Thanks again to Katie for letting me share a bit of family history!

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