Wednesday, February 5, 2014

WiP Wednesday - Quilts of Valor edition

As I mentioned in my Sunday Stash post this week, I've got a Quilts of Valor project in process.  I'm using the Crossed Paths/Rail Fence tutorial from a Crafty Fox.  Here's my red, white and blue fabrics (Kona white not pictured):

I did tweak it a bit though, as the dimensions in that final project aren't large enough (QoVF recommends a finished size of 60"x80").  The directions in the tutorial are to cut 3 strips from each of 9 FQ, but I cut 6 strips (pretty much 0 waste!) from 10 FQ.  I also managed to calculate the yardage for the increase in "fence" strips correctly too - trust me, that was a mathematical miracle!

Each strip is then subcut into 3 pieces for a grand total of 180 six inch blocks.  If I've done my math right (fingers crossed) I'll have a 66" (12 blocks) by 82" (15 blocks) quilt top.

I strip-pieced my little heart out!
I've gotten (most) of the blocks on my design wall, but only 10 blocks fit across so I've got the last two rows hanging out on the ironing board.  I can't decide if a random distribution is best (what I've attempted so far - random is hard!) or if some kind of pattern along the diagonal would be more orderly and pleasing to the eye.  Not sure how that would work though, as there's an odd number (five) of each color.  Thoughts?

Finishing this top is going to be my February goal for A Lovely Year of Finishes.  Guess I'd better get busy - I've got 180 blocks to sew together!

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