Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Bee-ing Social for WiP Wednesday - 5 rows to go...

I have been working steadily (for me, anyway) on my QoVF project.  I decided to stick with my random block layout, and so far I've got a 6-row section all sewn together and a 4-row section all sewn together.

This means I've got another 5 rows to go, which should be totally do-able by this weekend.

Do you like my classy painter's tape numbering system??
Admittedly, I did get kind of tired of sewing red, white and blue blocks, so I decided to make some progress on one of my Quarter 1 Finish Along goals - the Crafty Traveler Tote.  I had gotten the fabric all cut out (remember my cautionary rotary cutter tale!) a while ago, and then Sunday I cut out the interfacing.
All cut out and ready to go!
Yesterday evening I made the handles.

Handles of Doom

Not gonna lie, partway through turning the first one, I wanted to give up and strangle myself with it.  I don't have a "turning tool" so it was really slow going, especially considering these are LONG handles!  Fortunately, my husband took pity on me and did the second one himself.  He's pretty good at turning handles because I assigned him that task when I was making tote bags for the ladies in our wedding, so he's got a technique (or something).

Hopefully the rest of the bag will be easier!

Also sorry for the crappy photo quality - it's pretty impossible to take "nice" pictures during the week because it's still getting dark early-ish.

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  1. Your random block layout looks great so far. It's nice to see them coming together! I did wonder about that title under the photo "Handles of Doom", but reading through the post... I get it! Glad the hubby helped out and you are still with us!

  2. Your QoV project is looking great.
    I am laughing 'with' you on the handle turning. I found a tote one time that had handles fuzed with fleece and they had you just put the fleece in the center then fold over the outside edges and top stitch it down...no more turning handles for me. Just a thought for future projects. ;)

  3. The colours in your tote are fab ... good on you for getting hubby on board to help with the handles :)