Saturday, February 8, 2014

A Quarter 1 Finish

Not gonna lie, I'm putting this one under the "done is better than perfect" heading.

Finishing this little baby quilt was one of my Quarter 1 Finish Along goals.  It had been sitting in two pieces with its batting for way too long.  I even had a binding fabric all picked out.  So really there was no excuse.

I quilted it with light blue thread to match the back, and stitched between each of the little animal squares on the front.

The binding is attached by machine, which is how I do all my binding (I just don't have the patience for hand-quilting or hand-binding).

I'm really not sure why, because I thought I pinned the heck out of it and used my walking foot, but the fabric really pulled while I was quilting.  So now some of the rows are kind of zig-zaggy.  Hence the "done is better than perfect."

See the ziggity-zag?
I'm not sure the fate of this little quilt.  Given the zig-zaggy quilting, I might donate it to an organization that will appreciate it for its function more than the appearance.

But zig zag quilting or not, it counts as a finish!  Also linking up with Can I get a Whoop Whoop?!

UPDATE:  This little quilt is being donated through the Hands2Help charity quilt drive!


  1. I think it is adorable!! I don't hand sew anything either :) Just cant seem to bring myself to even try hand sewing binding!!

  2. Och a baby will never notice zigs or zags!

  3. Kacey, it's beautiful and will be well loved, I promise! Thank you so much for participating in the Challenge this year - I hope you'll be back again next year!