Friday, January 24, 2014

Really Random Thursday (on Friday night)

We've lived in our house for a little over a year now, and I'm just warming up to the idea of tackling the basement.  Granted, part of my initial hesitation was a small rodent problem (thank goodness we never saw any activity upstairs!), but that's all resolved now - shout out to Mark the pest guy!

So now that I don't have to worry about unwanted company in the basement I've decided it's time to put some effort into it.  Also known as, "we need to organize the crap we throw down there and then forget about."  The first step in this process was building some shelves.  Have you ever priced shelves?  Big sturdy ones that you'd be willing to store your breakable holiday decorations on?  Lemme tell you, that's an eye opening experience.  Instead of breaking the bank on shelving units I sent the husband a bunch of links to DIY some "custom" shelves.
Ta da!  One unit down and another is in process.  This one houses pretty much all of the holiday decorations.  In an ideal world I'd also like to get some more bins instead of cardboard boxes, but really that probably won't happen until Halloween 2014.
Now this corner of the room looks much better.  I think we might stack those two metal units together for pantry/kitchen supplies, wrapping items and yeah, a forlorn purple yoga mat.  Yay one corner down!
This means that we have one section of the basement that's basically empty and ready for (gulp) finishing. 
We've still got a ways to go though.  (This is the corner opposite the pretty new shelves.)  Some of it just needs to be junked (Anyone want the window screens that we no longer need because we've got new windows?  Gold-framed shower doors?  A cadet blue front door with screw holes from where the personalized knocker was removed?) and the rest will be corralled onto the next shelving unit.

So there you have it - basement organization on a (mostly) sewing blog posted on a Friday night.  Not too shabby for a Really Random Thursday post, huh?

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