Friday, January 24, 2014

Ribbit - a froggy quilt

I haven't given any of my quilts so far "creative" names.  They've all been "So and so's quilt" for the most part.  This quilt, however, doesn't have an intended recipient so it needed a name.  And "Ribbit" fits the subject matter pretty well!

Here's a closer view of some of the featured froggies:
Completing this quilt is one of my 1st Quarter Finish Along goals and so I took advantage of the MLK Jr. Day holiday (one of the few perks of a university job!) and got the top all pieced.  The back is coming together as well, and might involve just as much piecing as the top!
I had a "panel" of the froggies left after fussy cutting and so I'm going to try and center the panel with some other stash pieces for the backing.  I've got yellow strips for the top and bottom (I think, it's going to be a close fit) but I may need to figure out some more filler for the far right side.  The goal was to make it as much from stash as possible (I even used up orphan bobbins of thread!) but I'm pretty sure I'm going to at least have to buy something for the binding - oh darn ;-)

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