Monday, January 20, 2014

Sewing with Certainty #5: Creating Your Own Designs

So you might notice from the number of the title that I kind of skipped a bunch of posts for the Sewing with Certainty series.  It wasn't intentional, but between travel for Thanksgiving and then getting ready for Christmas and traveling for Christmas, blogging kind of fell by the wayside.  Oh well.

This post's theme is creating your own designs.  And here's the prompt from Jessica: Link up your own blog post about how you create your own designs. Some questions to get you thinking: where do you find inspiration? What do you love about social media/quilters sharing? Do you sketch or use EQ or something else to design your quilts?

This probably isn't the most appropriate post for me to be linking up to because (right now, anyway) I don't have much interest in creating my own designs.  Why?  Well, I haven't been quilting for that long and there's so many ready-made patterns and tutorials out there!  (I feel the same way about baking, incidentally.)  In addition to the great material already published, I'm also not that big a fan of math.  So if someone has already done the math for me, all the better.  I have a full Pinterest board of quilt tutorials to work my way through!

All that said, I am willing to entertain the idea of designing my own quilts - someday.  I like the idea of using a sketchbook with graph paper and colored pencils.  I have also begun to Pin a few purely "inspiration" quilts.  Right now they're on the Pin board with all the quilt tutorials, but I'm thinking I need to start an "Inspiration Quilts" board for quilts that I just like.  Below are two of them:
from Brooklyn Quilting Co.

From Heather Hales Designs

These two quilts are the kind of layouts that I'd imagine myself designing.  Rectangles + squares = easy math!  It'd be a while before I could see myself incorporating flying geese or even HST.  As for where I'd look for inspiration, I'd look to all those other wonderful quilters out there in blog land.

So there's my non-answer to Jessica's question!  Thanks for reading!  Linking up with Sewing with Certainty #5!

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  1. Lol! I enjoyed your post :) I use tutorials all. the. time. because you are right - they are there and all the math is figured out! It's exciting to see you start to plan out a design - maybe you'll get inspired to keep going sometime ;) :)