Friday, January 17, 2014

A shower for baby Sofia!

This past weekend we had a baby shower for my friend/co-worker/neighbor (isn't it nice when life works out like that??) Rachelle, who is the mama-to-be of Sofia.  (I first wrote about Sofia's quilt in this post.)  The top went together really quickly, and then I sent it off to my long-arm quilter, Sandy.  She quilted the triangle center section with a tight stipple, and then the outer border has sweet daisy-like flowers around it (unfortunately, that part didn't photograph too well).
My friend/co-worker/neighbor (again, so nice), Anna, is also a quilter and we had the shower at her house.  We joked about having a quilt-off at the shower, and I'm not sure who won, other than Sofia because she has two beautiful quilts to use! :)
Me, Rachelle and Anna
We served lunch at the shower, and my contributions were these Baked Brie Tartlets from Plain Chicken (delicious!  and no measuring!) and deviled eggs.  For some reason I decided that I needed to go slightly fancy/cutesy and dyed the egg whites pink!  It was super easy - I took the hard boiled eggs, halved them, took out the yolks and then soaked the whites in a bowl of water tinted with red food coloring.  When they got to the color I wanted (I probably left them soaking for 20 minutes and used a couple good squirts of food coloring) I set them out to dry on a towel, and then continued as usual.  I thought they came out pretty cute, and they were tasty too!

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  1. Oh those pink eggs are hilariously cool!! I think it is a bonus to have a coworker and neighbor as a friend!

    Very pretty quilt you did!!