Friday, January 24, 2014

Finish It Up Friday - a small finish

A while back I wrote a Sunday Stash post showing off some pretty fleur de lis fabric I purchased from my LQS.  Need a reminder?  Here you go:
Now I love this fabric because 1) it's got fleur de lis on it; and 2) it's red and I love red.  That said, it's not the kind of fabric I'm drawn to for quilt making.  I simply could not, however, leave these FQ on the shelves and so they came home with me and sat.  And sat.  Until I stumbled across this tutorial for making two double-sided cloth napkins out of two FQ - perfect!

After some initial hesitation regarding the size (the finished napkin measures approx. 18"x11") I decided to just go for it.  And voila:
I got eight pretty little napkins!  I ended up deciding to divide my napkins into two sets of four and gifted one set to a friend for Christmas and another set to my friend/neighbor/co-worker Anna as a thank you for being a lovely friend/neighbor/co-worker :)

FYI, I also decided (after studying one on my lap for size) that I worried for nothing.  The napkin is long enough to cover both legs and covers enough of the thigh to catch all but the worst spills.  Definitely a useful way to get good bang for your FQ buck!  And yay for being environmentally friendly, too!

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  1. Those are very cute! What a great gift they will be too.

  2. Such adorable napkins! Glad they are being well loved. :)