Sunday, January 26, 2014

Sunday Stash #8 - your thoughts needed!

My mom passed this little bundle of fabrics on to me as it's a FQ pack and she needed yardage for her project.  It's one of those bundles you can buy "pre-packaged" from JoAnn's.
I thought the prints were cute, but I don't have much in my stash along these lines and I wasn't sure how to work them into a quilt.  Enter my new favorite cloth napkin tutorial.  Only problem is that this is (obviously) a bundle of five FQ and you need an even number for napkins.  My goal was to use them all, rather than only use four and have another random FQ in my stash, so I went hunting for a print that would coordinate well.
This was my first pull.  (The red is a remnant from JoAnn's, the blue was gifted to me and the black is Chicopee.)  I wasn't thrilled so I put them all aside and got to work on piecing the back of Ribbit.  Then as I was looking through my greens I stumbled across these two FQ and think they're better options:

Here are my prospective pairings (remember, you get two double-sided napkins for each FQ pair).  I'm good with the dolls and the fans, but I'm not sure which green to go with for the symbols.  The darker one says Jinny Beyer for Mr. RJR Fashion Fabrics on the selvedge and the lighter one says ...Museum by Froncie Quinn for Red Rooster Fabrics (no idea where they came from, again they were gifted to me).  
Then I had a late-breaking thought over dinner (as I stared at the fabrics and mentally sorted through my stash): what if I rearranged the pairs and used brown with the dolls?  Unfortunately, the brown fabric in the photo below isn't a full FQ, so I'd have to try and find something similar to purchase (and I'd like to avoid purchasing, even though it's just a FQ).  I did have this white in my stash, which maybe could work because it picks up the white in their faces?  Maybe?

Sorry for the poor quality!  This idea struck after sundown :-/

So the question is, which do you like best??  I'd appreciate your input!

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  1. I would go with the Jinny Beyer for Mr. RJR Fashion Fabrics green for the symbols or maybe the Chicopee, I like your original pairing for the dolls and fans.